DATE: 30th August 2018 (Holiday Maker`s Empowerment Program)

Menstrual Hygiene; Mrs. Sizoomu Christine noted the significance of personal hygiene for proper health living. She pointed out the need to respect menstrual hygiene in a girl’s life especially during their monthly periods. She mentioned that during that time, girls are in a delicate state; girls face different signs and symptoms and boys should help them during their studies - take notes and conducting discussions for them. She mentioned that girls use  sanitary towels (pads) while in their monthly periods, however, some of them cannot afford to buy them that is why re-usable pads are made;  of  which can be carried out as an income generating activity and used by the girls during their menstrual period. They are cheap and affordable for the poor.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases; The trainees had an opportunity to understand the common STDs which include bacterial and viral infections; examined the ways of contracting the diseases and discussed measures to reduce or avoid contraction of STD in the future. Dr Wandera Patrick from Naguru Teenage Centre explained that the most affected persons include the following; Adolescent and young girls, Homo-sexuals, Human tracking victims, Person who inject drugs, Fishing communities.  The engagement was very constructive focusing on ways of transmitting the disease, the respective symptoms; why youth and young adults are more likely to contract STIs prevention measures and available treatment.