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Girls, Women with Disabilities (GWWDs)

Desk Policy and Programme review

CEEWA Uganda conducted a Desk review on gender and disability inclusion in selected policies that aimed at enhancing economic empowerment of men and women in Uganda and identified gaps that need to be addressed. These policies included; Disability, Gender, Elderly, Agriculture, Community Development, Youth and Trade and Industry.

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Adolescent Girls to Self-reliant Adults

Holiday Maker`s Empowerment Program

Adolescence is increasingly recognized as being critical in an individual’s life course but also very vulnerable. Poised at the intersection between childhood and the world of adults, adolescents (14-19) face unique challenges to both their full development and exercise of their capabilities.

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Using Functional Literacy and Value Addition as Tools for Economic Empowerment and Effective Participation of Rural Women

CEEWA-Uganda received a one year grant from Global Fund for Women to support using functional literacy (FAL) and value addition as a tools for economic empowerment and effective participation of rural women. This project is phase 2/continuation of phase 1 “empowering rural women farmers for improved livelihood” project which was also funded by GFW in 2011-2012.

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The project was implemented with support from the African Women Development Fund (AWDF) and the focus was on empowering women farmer groups and women associations through entrepreneurship development and leadership skills.

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Sustainability of Enterprises Owned by Women Farmers in Rural Communities

CEEWA-U received a 4-month financial support from WOMEN2030 - programme executed by Action for Rural Women Empowerment (ARUWE) - to build capacity of existing women farmers to enhance sustainability and competitiveness of their enterprises. We target 12 women and 5 men in Mayuge district who are beneficiaries of our previous entrepreneurship development programs delivered during period 2014 - 2016. It is our intention to identify and address the gender concerns, if any, that could have impacted on the status and performance of the enterprises owned by farmers during the past four years or so. Therefore, the project will undertake a simple tracer study to provide a consultative process for the beneficiaries (men and women) to narrate their previous experience and build consensus on the priority capacity gaps. The lessons learnt will then guide the design and delivery of the capacity building program (in form of quick wins) to impart the necessary knowledge, skills and support adoption of the requisite technology as may be required for enterprise sustainability. CEEWA-U will publish the lessons learnt during project implementation to inform the advocacy agenda for mainstreaming gender concerns in agricultural activities undertaken by both state and non-state actors in the rural communities.

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