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Adolescent Girls to Self-reliant Adults

Adolescent Girls to Self-reliant Adults



Adolescence is increasingly recognized as being critical in an individual’s life course but also very vulnerable. Poised at the intersection between childhood and the world of adults, adolescents (14-19) face unique challenges to both their full development and exercise of their capabilities.  There are slightly over 7.0 million youth from the ages of 15–24 years of age living in Uganda , and if facilitated to develop into useful and productive human capital, would greatly benefit the development of the nation. However, the transformation has neither always been effectively managed nor mentored, and therefore many have been distracted from their personal development and denied opportunities for career advancement and employability.

Vulnerability and Empowerment Challenge for Youth

Government has committed to undertake interventions to unlock youth potential for sustainable wealth creation and development.  However, the existing evidence demonstrates that the empowerment needs of the adolescents have not been fully or systematically addressed during their childhood and personal development. The personal and capabilities development of the youth, especially the vulnerable and, in underserved areas, continue to be challenged by several socio-economic related issues in a rapidly changing world.

The National Youth Policy, 2016 and other literature articulate the issues to include the following :

  1. Self-exclusion because of lack of confidence and self-esteem especially for the adolescents mainly in rural areas, remote districts, teenage mothers, and those with disabilities or in poor circumstances;
  2. Engagement into harmful and non-productive relations with their teachers, peers and parents; and inability to avoid risky behaviors
  3. Increasing levels of depression such as mental illnesses which in most cases, are undetected and untreated,
  4. Poor and low ethical values among young people, largely due to a broken societal system. Adolescents have grown up in households and communities that have downgraded ethical work culture and conduct.
  5. High school drop outs attributed to many factors, including teenage pregnancy which could be easily avoided;
  6. Limited opportunities for acquisition of vocational skills required for rewarding and gainful employment resulting into unemployment and underemployment.
  7. Many youths have limited knowledge and attitude required to explore their employability and entrepreneurship potential.

Career guidance and counselling has not been fully established within all schools; especially in rural areas, making it difficult for the adolescents to transit into to world of work and financial independence, in a slow growing economy of Uganda.  Accordingly, the adolescents need advisory support and mentoring to set them on a positive life trajectory.

Objective of the Program

To build capacity of the adolescents in school (aged 13-19) manage their transition into responsible, confident and self -reliant adults and equipped with skills for adopting to a dynamic environment.

The specific objective included:

  1. To support individual personal and career development among the adolescents focusing on positive relationships, rational decision-making, living a health life and other attributes needed to manage a dynamic social and economic world.
  2.  To provide career guidance and counselling to students to enhance their knowledge about career opportunities and choice of subjects.
  3. To enhance creativity, and innovativeness in the use of information technology for self-reliance and in their daily life.
  4. To provide an informal platform and network for the parents, community(opinion) leaders and teachers to discuss the development needs for adolescent girls in the community.


 Target Students

The program is designed for the youth in secondary schools and August 2018 program will target students in Senior 1, 2, 3, and 5.

 Delivery of the Program

CEEWA has since 2017 offered the HMEP on a pilot basis during the following holidays: (i) December 2017, (ii) 8-19th January 2018 and (iii) 30th April to May 04th, 2018. The scope and delivery of program evolves to adopt to the emerging needs of the students.

The program will adopt a multi-disciplinary delivery approach that will include discussions facilitated by educationists in their respective disciplines, peer exchange among students, short documentaries and testimonies by role models plus motivational speakers, as well as hands-on experience on info-technology applications.

Envisage Outcomes.  

  1. Students will have a good understanding of why and how they should contribute to human development. They will undertake a self-discovery exercise to support (i) individuals’ appreciation of their strengthens and weaknesses; (ii) identification of their potential talents and (iii) exploration of the career choices as means of developing and exploiting their potential for community development.
  2. Acquisition of new attitude and tips of developing into a responsible and productive individual with enhanced:
    1. ability to make rational and informed decisions and, building self-confidence and esteem,
    2. knowledge and practices to live a health productive life style,
    3. habits and skills for effective listening, communications well as social etiquette including positive relationships, and on-line interactions.
  3. Exposed to traits, skills and attitude required to develop into an employable and self-reliant person. The students will engage in a discussion, facilitated by role models as well as motivation speakers on several values and tips ranging from, values for paid and unpaid work, as well as critical needs or tips for employability and entrepreneurship
  4.  Better understanding on how to use information technology, including social media platforms,  for the betterment of their daily lives  and transition to empowered adults.


Holiday Maker`s Empowerment Program

Adolescence is increasingly recognized as being critical in an individual’s life course but also very vulnerable. Poised at the intersection between childhood and the world of adults, adolescents (14-19) face unique challenges to both their full development and exercise of their capabilities.

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